WARNING: This shop is still in bleeding edge beta! Use with caution, don't hold me responsible for any damage that may occur to you or your krist!

WARNING: kMarx versions v0.1 (1) and v0.2 (2) contain critical security vulnerabilities! Please update to version v0.4 as soon as possible to protect your krist and resources!

kMarx by HydroNitrogen

An open, transparent, fast, compatible, good looking and heavily customizable shop program for Computercraft in combination with kristpay and Plethora.

Most recent version: v0.4 (2020-02-05)

Version Info Type Date Code Config Compatible with
Version Info Type Date Program Data Compatible with
v0.4 (4) Definite hotfix version. beta 2020-02-05 Program Shop Data v0.1 (1), v0.2 (2), v0.3 (3), v0.4 (4)
Changelog and update guide
v0.3 (3) Temporary hotfix version. beta 2020-02-04 Unavailable Unavailable v0.1 (1), v0.2 (2), v0.3 (3)
v0.2 (2) Bug and features update. beta 2018-04-09 Unavailable Unavailable v0.1 (1), v0.2 (2)
Changelog and update guide
v0.1 (1) First public release. beta 2018-04-04 Unavailable Unavailable v0.1 (1)

Copy paste this to CC to run yourself:

I've not written any documentation on the config file, but I guess most of it is self explainatory.
A description and detailed information about the shop, how to edit the configuration file, etc will follow soon.
For now, figure stuff out yourself or ask me (HydroNitrogen) ingame or on Discord. Thanks!